Career Profile

Software engineer with a management-based background and a strong passion for computer programming and Front-end development. Looking to combine both programming and management skills in a project. Good organizational and communicational skills. Currently focused on Angular 9, React Native, Javascript, NodeJS and RUST.


Lead Front End Digital Architect

July, 2018 - Present
Wind Tre S.p.A, Milano (Italy)
  • Solution Architect
  • Full Stack Programming
  • Project management
  • Scrum facilitator
  • VeryMobile E-Commerce - Design, architecture and management of the new mobile operator e-commerce - Angular 8.2.14 + NgRx
  • Wind E-Commerce - Design, architecture and management of the latest e-commerce implementations for different situations (B2C and B2B) - Angular 8.2.14 + NgRx
  • Wind Landing Pages - Designed and realized architecture and implementation of a new, dynamically powered, series of landing pages for mobile offers - EmberJS + Python + Django
  • Winback offers - Designed and realized architecture and implementation of winback mobile offer solutions - EmberJS + Python + Django
  • Tele-selling software - Designed and realized architecture and implementation of a software that allow external marketing companies to simplify the process of customer acquisition, thus reducing time and cost - NodeJS + Electron
Technologies used: JS (ES6) - Angular 8/9 - Ember - Python - Django - Elixir - CSS - HTML - GIT (GitFlow) - AWS - Docker - Kubernetes - Agile methods
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Other projects

PatenteFast (App for Android) - An app to help students to overcome the driving license exam
Diario di un condannato a morte (book) - A book about the true story of William Van Poyck, a former death row inmate of Florita State Prison. Published on May, 2018
ThingsToBeThankfulFor - A website to help people feeling better and appreciate the little things.



Programming languages and related skills:
  • Javascript (ES6), Angular 9, React-Native, Ember.js, React, Backbone.
  • HTML, CSS (5+ years), jQuery
  • Node.js, Electron
  • Rust
  • Python, Django
  • GIT, Perforce
  • MongoDB
  • Past knowledge of VB6, VB.NET, C#.NET and ASP.NET, SQL Server.
  • Photoshop


Extremely organised and determined person. Good abilities for synthetic and global views over concrete situations. Problem-solving attitude. Responsibility, Self-respect and self-reliance. Strong referential values of fairness, equity and dignity. Ability to establish and maintain good working relations with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.


Project management skills. Ability to work under pressure. Experience in team management for software development, events organization, and consultancy. Team player, skilled in motivating others to work.


General ability to combine both the IT (in terms of IT systems or software programming) and management point of view. Flexibility and adaptability to most of the contexts